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Bottom Outlet Valve description

The BREMER bottom tank ball valve has a geometric design that allows a smooth flow and prevents stagnating of the media.

Our Valves offer the best solution:

  • where minimum dead space between ball and tank is required
  • where media could stagnate at the tank outlet
  • where full blending of reactor volume is imperative

Advantage over a conventional tank bottom valve:

  • Higher CV
  • Direct Flow
  • Simple Quarter turn operation (Easy automation)
  • Low weight and compact
  • Easy maintenance

Area of application

  • Chemical
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Food
  • Cosmetics

Valve application

  • Filter dryer
  • Vacuum dryer
  • Stirrer vessel
  • Transport vessel
  • Reactor
  • Other vessels


  • Asteroid
  • 316
  • other materials on request


  • Gases
  • Fluids
  • Emulsion
  • Syrup
  • Paint
  • Food products (chocolate…)
  • Granulate material
  • Powder


Low sump area

By the use of an angled stem design and the direct mounting to the vessel bottom flange, the Bremer bottom outlet ball valve ensures flush fitting with the vessel inner bottom.

  • No accumulation of product between ball valve ball and vessel inner bottom
  • Improvement of product mixing in stirrer vessel
  • Reduction of efflorescence and product agglomeration
  • Avoiding false samples

Cavity free

The usual cavity between ball and housing in non-cavity-free ball valves give cause for disturbance because residual products can crystallize, polymerize and so affect the function.

  • Clean, non-false product
  • No sediments of expensive products in the ball valve housing

Angled stem design

Because of the further distance from the actuator mounting flange to the vessel, it makes the automation of the ball valve and isolation of the vessel very convenient.

  • Easy automation of ball valve
  • Easy isolation of vessel
  • Flush fitting of ball valve with vessel inner bottom

Direct mounting to vessel flange

The ball valve is mounted directly using screws or bolts to the vessel flange. Direct and easy assembly of ball valve to the container flange

On request, our bottom  outlet valves may be executed:

  • In special alloys
  • With sampling ball
  • With heating jacket

Other Features


On request BREMER Valves can perform all the following additional tests, internally or using certified laboratories:

  • EN10204 3.2 Raw Material Certificate
  • Cryogenic Test according to BS 6364:1984
  • High Temperature Test
  • Vacuum Test
  • Nitrogen Hight Pressure Gas Test
  • Fugitive Emission with Helium Type ISO 15848-2
  • Cycle Test
  • Dye Penetrant Test
  • Magnetic Particles Test
  • PMI
  • Ultrasonic Test
  • RX Test
  • Hardness/Ferrite/Corrosion Tests


  • ISO 9001:2015
  • API 6D MONOGRAM 1321
  • PED Pressure Equipments Directive 97/23/EC
  • ATEX
  • Fire Safe Certifications according to API 6FA/API 607/BS 6755 PART 2
  • TA-LUFT–EPA 21
  • CRYO 6364
  • Seismic Test

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